Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free Blogger Template Zinmag Remedy 2.0

Zinmag Remedy 2.0 is a free Blogger template (free Blogspot template) with a lot to offer. The Zinmag Remedy 2.0 template improves on the original version of Zinmag Remedy in two main areas: firstly this Blogger template is 99% widgetized which means that virtually all changes can be done through Blogger Layout > Page Elements and secondly the template now incorporates some SEO features.

Zinmag Remedy 2.0 is impressive with its magazine style layout in gray and blue that includes a 2 column main content area and a 2 column sidebar. The template boasts two navigation menus, RSS posts and comments buttons, email subscribe section, 4 affiliate banner slots and a 468x15 Google Adsense ad unit ready to be configured. This free Blogger template also comes with many premium features such as a video of the day section, an image slider (slide carousel) for highlighted content, a highlights reel in the sidebar, and a featured post section. Zinmag Remedy 2.0 has got to be one of the best free Blogger templates on the net.

Free Blogger Template Zinmag Remedy 2.0 - 3 columns, white, rss link, subscribe link, search box, fixed width, twitter updates, navigation menu, adsready, content slider, video section, footer gadget section

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Designed By: Jinsona Design
Converted to Blogger By: Falcon Hive

4 columns
2 right sidebars
2 column content area
2 navigation menus
Fixed width
Built-in search box
Subscribe by email
RSS posts and comments buttons
Magazine style
Grey light and dark - blue accents
Ads ready - 4x125 banner ad slots
Google Adsense ready - 468x15 linked ad unit
Featured content section
Javascript image slider (slide carousel)
Highlight reel
Video section
Multi-tabber menu
Expandable post summaries with read more link

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