Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Blogger Template Magasin Tres

Magasin Tres from Falcon Hive is a free Blogger template (free Blogspot template) ideal for the business blog. Magasin Tres which as the name suggests is a magazine style Blogger template with a host of powerful features. The Blogger theme comes with 3 columns, an in-built site search box, navigation menu and expandable posts summary via a read more function. Magasin Tres also boasts a featured post section, Twitter updates section, and a Flickr gallery widget. Best of all this Blogger template (Blogspot template) comes both Adsense ready and banner ads ready. If you are looking for a quality theme for your business blog make sure you consider Magasin Tres?

Magasin Tres - Free Blogger Template - search box, 3 columns, white, blue and red, business blog,navigation menu and featured post section, Twitter updates section

Demo | Download

Designed By: Padd IT Solutions
Converted to Blogger By: Alvaris from Falcon Hive

3 columns
2 right sidebars
Fixed width
Search box
Twitter updates section
Flickr gallery section
Email subscription section
Featured post section
Google Adsense ready - 728x15 and 468x60 ads in header, 160x60 in sidebar
Banner ads ready - 6 125x125 banner ad slots
Magazine style
White with red and blue highlights
Free to use provided credits intact

Blogger Template Installation Instructions

To Install Template on Blogger
  1. Download Blogger xml template file
  2. Unzip file using Winzip or other similar unzip software
  3. From the Blogger Dashboard go to Layout > Edit HTML
  4. Backup your existing template if necessary by downloading to computer
  5. Click Browse to select file and then Upload
  6. Click on Save once template file uploaded

To Set Up Top Navigation Menu
  1. Go to Layout > Page Elements
  2. Click Edit link in the Top Navigation Menu section
  3. Edit links with your own URL addresses and anchor text

To Set Up Featured Content Section
  1. Go to Layout > Page Elements
  2. Click Edit link in the Top Navigation Menu section
  3. Edit links to your own URL addresses and anchor text
  4. Click Edit link in the Featured Content section
  5. Paste the following code and replace the links with your own
    <div class=’interior’>
    <img src=’POST-IMAGE-HERE’/>
    <div class=’interiordet’>
    <h2><a href=’POST-LINK-HERE’ rel=’bookmark’ title=’POST-TITLE-HERE’>POST-TITLE-HERE</a></h2>
    <p class=’readmore’><a href=’POST-LINK-HERE’ title=’POST-TITLE-HERE’>Keep Reading</a></p>

To Set Up Read More Function (Keep Reading)
  1. Go to Settings > Formatting
  2. Paste the code below into Post Template box. This will have it automatically appear by default in every post you create.

    <span class=”fullpost”></span>

  3. When you write you posts place all text you wish to appear on the home page before the code and any text you want to hide before the end </span> tag. For example

    Place text to show on home page here
    <span class=”fullpost”>Place text you wish to hide here</span>

To Set Up Twitter Updates Section
  1. Go to Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Find TWITTER-ID-HERE using Ctrl + F3 and replace with your own Twitter id.

To Set Up Affiliate Banner Ads
  1. Go to Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Check Expand Widget Templates box
  3. Find the following code and edit banner code as desired. Replace both the URL target link and the image link

    <a class=’ads-l’ href=’ADS-LINK-HERE’><img src=’IMAGE-LINK-HERE’/></a>
    <a class=’ads-r’ href=’ADS-LINK-HERE’><img src=’IMAGE-LINK-HERE’/></a>

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